Some Final Words

Overall this project has caused such a mixture of feelings throughout the year and has been time consuming to say the least.

It has been extremely testing, and required an intense amount of dedication and stamina.

In the end I think I tried to take on a little too much but still managed to get all my work finished to a fairly high standard in my opinion so I think that I have achieved a great deal of success.

Throughout this module my project leader Lucie and I communicated successfully via email regularly although I should have sent me designs through more regularly than I did in order to have a little more time to sort out the minor details wrong in my project designs.

However, I did manage to sort out the vast majority of issues mentioned in the end.


Final Report

In this report I have linked my designs back to how the initial research, also added to my project, helped me achieve the results that I have. As well as this, talking about how my project has changed in place required further research sources that I have added.


Feedback FB Page

Acouple of people have already liked and commented on my designs and three people have made critical analysis so far which I will be able to use in my report.

I am using the FB page as a way of showcasing all my designs so people are commenting on all the elements which is great.


FB and Twitter

One very good suggestion I had completely overlooked perviously is online social media, arguably the most important form of advertising to target in this moden technological age.

So it hasn’t taken me long to set both up as separate pages. Just looking at the saw FB page for example with over 6 million likes. And once a people start liking or sharing, a page can spread like wildfire .

As well as this free advertising, you can choose to promote your page for between 3 and 15 dollars a day depending on how many estimated likes you would plan to get.

The links are:


Can’t Make App

Although I would like to, one of Lucie’s suggestions was in actually making the App which I now do not have time for as the deadline is close. This would require some InDesign work for functionality.

However I have mentioned that this was not intended to be part of my project as my projects was meant to focus on the advertising communications and related design work.

More Viable looking

So now I have the new poster I have made matching imagery In order to properly utilise the design space of my environmental and ambient ad designs. This has also been a successful but lengthy process.

I have attached new designs underneath:

Thriller Ambient Add Cinema Ticket New Thriller Environmental ad New



Changing Original Elements in Poster

After a heavy amount of further research including how to make a mysteriously effective thriller poster, I have managed to keep a lot of my old design elements by editing them and aspiring to generic thriller rules mentioned in my Research.

Now I have used less visual layers and each layer more effectively.

I am really happy with the completely new poster which I have attached underneath:


Poster New Done