New Introduction

I have formed a proper introduction that I have put in front of my research with a lot of the information I have collected for this blog and condensed my original intentions in to two paragraphs.

This should give a better indication at the direction of my project. I guess because I have been writing my thought processes down in here, I forgot to submit.


The Designs – My New Intentions

  • I intend to change my thriller designs entirely as I have literally just dragged elements in the hope that they will fit together making some sort of overall sense. The outcome at the minute is a bit messy.
  • Another reason I intend to change my thriller campaign is to look more professionally viable. As Lucie sais, “there seems to be random logos like the odeon logo thrown in to my designs taking the overall integrity away from my individual campaign.”
  • Unfortunately the suggestion of making the real app design with functionality can not be delivered in time now as the deadline is getting close and I have so much to do already. However, I did specify I would be concentrating on the advertising designs of both campaigns forming my project.
  • I intend to do further research while writing my linking report after finishing all new design work.

The Report – My New Intentions

Firstly, I have added proper references in the place of each reference made to my bibliography hoping this proper referencing system should make my work easier to read through.

I have not condensed my research as this was all very useful, general research made over months of studying my project.

Instead I aim to write a completely separate report linking this research to my project designs and ideas while outlining why I have chosen certain design communications over others for the two advertising campaigns.

Although I have given a few introductory points in my blog so far, I have not yet formed a suitable introduction and will organise one now, which should give a good insite now after making several changes to my project.



Feedback from Lucie Hernandez via Email

> > I have ha d a look at your research and project work so far and have some comments:
> >
> >
> > - make sure you properly reference your work. The referencing for "awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and finally purchase" in your Research Report needs to include this sentence.
> >
> > - RELATING TO instead of 'relatable'
> >
> > - Serious advertising is a broad way to describe advertising that organisations can use to create public awareness about an important issue. Some modern examples can be seen in (7). I think you should elucidate here in paragraph not refer to bibliography! Again you keep saying examples can be found in (10) and then list URLs! - this is very disruptive to reading and should be in body of text.
> >
> > - You will need to edit and be more concise - also add a proper introduction to your project.
> >
> > - Follow proper Harvard Referencing conventions
> >
> > - Rather than list all the different approaches to advertising and campaign development - start to apply them to your own project idea. That is what we are interested in. You can omit/heavily condense most of the other information.
> >
> >
> > - make sure your designs answer to and respond to the claims you make in your report.
> >
> > - For a 3rd year project they need to be much more carefully designed to be professional looking and viable. Just slotting in the Odeon logo of slapping them on the side of bus is not adequate. Try to be more nuanced in your approach - what would be the best REACH for your target audience? Where are the Digital Ads that we might find on website with very heavy traffic? OR the Twitter campaign and related designed page? What else?
> >
> > - If you are doing an app for devices you will need to work it up using indesign to demo interactivity - this is the kind of thing expected at 3rd year project level...
> >
> > - Research is crucial here to extend your ideas and broaden your approach

Handing In

I have handed in my work so far to TC308.

Having a look through my portfolio of work, my project leader Lucie Hernandez has had a few questions over the quality of my work.

After explaining that I am having a few difficulties with time and living conditions, I have been given the chance to re-submit my work on the 24th and have a few major changes to make.


Organising My Portfolio

As I am sitting here cleaning up all my files and printing out all my work, I have separated some of my journal matching the creative work I have undertaken.

As a lot of my work is digital, I have print screened wherever possible to showcase as much of my work in my portfolio as possible

The Two Trailers

The two trailers differ in many ways:

Pace – The thriller has much shorter cuts and some of the footage repeated for emphasis while the informative trailer has longer clips.

Transitions – The thriller has one recurring transition (the flash) which is used to almost hide information from the viewer whereas transitions in the informative video are used to join one point to another without distracting attention.

Visuals – Light and as natural as possible (in nature) to help build audience relation and for clarity and dark and mysterious for the thriller to keep audience guessing.

Music – Faster paced, builds tension in the thriller while, just backing music, slower and used to keep audience’s attention between narrative points in informative.

Voice overs – In garage band I added effects to my voice, lowering pitch for example and adding reverb in order to sound more epic and authoritative while mysterious for the thriller while keeping my voice natural and speaking as clearly as possible in the informative trailer.