Pitch 14/11/2012

The pitch went exactly as I had intended and the outcome for me was very good, as I had started to worry slightly at the task I had set myself. The panel of lecturers agreed with my change in directly for the topic slightly as I would be much more able to complete a high standard of work with a Marketing Campaign rather than building the App.


Although this whole process was great for showing that I have put a lot of thought in to how my project will take shape.


As I am really starting to enjoy my module “Design For Integrated Communications,” and now am starting to plan my project towards this Advertising and Marketing direction, I have asked for Lucie Hernandez to be my Project supervisor.  


Preparation for Pitch Interview/Presentation

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 20.55.50

Snapp Presentation


So following advice on blackboard, I have made a presentation with 5 slides including:


  1. 1.    Basic Concept
  2. 2.    Project
  3. 3.    Research
  4. 4.    Shape of Final Presentation
  5. 5.    Perceived Problems


This is partially to make life easier on myself as I know I have five minutes so therefore now one minute per slide, while making sure I leave five minutes for q&a at the end of the presentation.


Although I am enthusiastic about the project, I am noticing, while using notes from my ILC and Proposal documents, I have kind of changed the intended outputs of my project.


I noticed this when I was looking at a piece of advice for my pitch interview last week, “Be prepared to be asked where the risks are in my project.”


I have kept a large amount of intended output of work in my ILC and proposal because I understand that we do not get marks for learning new software and my idea requires programming knowledge I do not currently possess. Luckily I have thought of another way to achieve a project presentation more suited to my abilities using the same idea (A marketing campaign), which I am currently producing in my other module “Design for Integrated Communications.”

Filling in the Independent Learning Contract

This is not unlike filling out the proposal with guidance notes also available on blackboard.


But I am finding this easier so far. Where as I feel the proposal was asking me about what/how/when/where I will undertake sections of work and organising my project, I feel the ILC is asking me why a lot more. And the reason I have chosen a potential project such as SnApp was to aim to be conceptually innovative.


Although as I am starting to look at how my final project will be presented, It is looking like I am trying to way too much already.

Research Practice Topic Choice

As a big part of my project work will include the topic of CCTV, Gurish has directed me to a topic within CCTV where I can properly research the subject.

My topic is now: What happens to data from CCTV?

And my three questions have also changed to accommodate this topic to:

  1. What happens to data from CCTV?
  2. How is it stored / legal issues?
  3. How can we interrogate data / only get useful information?

Refining Proposal

I have bullet pointed my proposal but getting the word count down to one hundred words per title is proving to be a hard task as I am trying to summarise the plan for my entire project.

This whole process has taken a lot of time. Especially question six (Plan of Actions with key milestones). But I finally completed it using the advice of Andy, by working backwards from deadline submissions next year.

It is really clear to see how little time I have to complete each section working by these milestones. Before making this plan, the deadlines seemed so far away.

Proposal Start

The project proposal guidance notes on blackboard are really helpful. In order to write the proposal, I am just answering all the questions on the guidance notes to the best of my ability. This includes all of my research undertaken so far.

Although topics such as motivation for choosing project are a little tricky to answer, I can see how all directed questions are helping me to create an effective way of undertaking the project.

For now, I am finding that I am asking myself if I am choosing the right topic a lot. I guess this is because it is a large amount of work and I do not have so much understanding of the module in these first couple of weeks.

Research Practice Module

As mentioned in a post earlier, I am intending to create a mobile app to act like a CCTV device. In my first research practice lecture with Girish, we have been asked to find a topic to research for the entire module and suggest three possibilities by next week.

This is great news, as I should be able to incorporate a large amount of my Research Practise work in to my project.

Three topics I have chosen in order of priority are:

2. Apps.
3. Mobile Phones